Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Things are getting better every day!

Right now life is extra peachy. Not just for me and my life, but for others. And the fact that others lives are having positive effects, I just feel that the whole world is looking up!

I went to the University to see the end of Canadian Idol after a short training shift at work. They had 2 big screens set up and there were a good number of people there. Any time Theo came on the screen people would yell and scream, waving their signs in the air, making it almost impossible to hear what was being said on the show. Anyways, long story short, I showed up near the end really, so was able to miss most of the "...after this break stuff" and was able to see that Theo won! It felt nice to be there to see so many people cheering for him. Really showed that there are people that care about others who have talent and are following their dreams in our small city.

Another thing that made me happy to hear today was that Elizabeth May, the leader of the Green Party, will now be included in the upcoming televised debates! I was shocked when I first heard that she would not, as the Green Party received 4.5% of the votes in Canada in 2006. I understand that the Green Party had no seats, however 4.5% says something, does it not? I think that Canadians have a right to hear what she has to say during the debates. And so, I am glad that she will now be included in those debates!

Work is going great so far! People are really nice, and I am still doing lots of training, but things are going well and I think that I am picking up on things quickly. I am getting lots of shifts, many of which are nice and short, which is also always nice.

And of course working means making money, which is good for the finances! And when there is less worry about the finances, there is less stress and less stress means we are happier. And when J and I are happier, it means our relationship is doing a little better too (not that it was bad, hehe)!!!

As I have said things are good and it feels like the world is a good place!

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