Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I want to win!

Oh my! So, my love of etsy is never ending, and while looking at a few of my favorite users I discovred that there was a little contest. Boojiboo (etsy user) makes these adorable aprons and I have been wanting one for some time. So, there is a contest right now to win an apron (of your choice) and a few other Pillsbury Savory giftbag. How fun is that?! So, I am entering and crossing my fingers.

Here is the info if you would like to enter as well... is giving away a Boojiboo Apron & Pillsbury Savoring the Moment Gift Bag as part of their Three Gs For The Holidays event! Click on over right now to get in on fun giveaways, get shopping ideas from their Gift Guide, and learn how you can help children in need this holiday season!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Going on a holiday!

So, after time paying off some debt, and finally being in a positive financial position again, J and I have booked an all inclusive trip to Cuba! We will be going in February, to get away from the cold, and to celebrate our 6 month anniversary. The trip will also act as a sort of honeymoon for us since we never got a "real" honeymoon.

Why Cuba? Well, the thought of going to an all-inclusive beach side resort has its obvious appeal. However, both J and I like culture and new experiences, and places with some sort of history. So, Cuba seemed an obvious choice for us.

Our resort is outside of Veradero. We have considered taking a day trip to Havana while we are there.

I can't wait!!!

J and I have never taken a major trip together, which is a sort of funny thing because we both love traveling. It will most certainly be an experience navigating through airports and being seated together on a small plane for 5 hours together. I guess this will be a good "test" for how we will be if we end up going to England on a working-holiday next year (2010).

Christmas must come soon! Once Christmas is over I will begin my countdown for our trip!

Side note:
I wish I was going to see Lady GaGa tonight...oh well, at least I am grooving to her music in the comfort of my own home. Nothing wrong with that! hehe

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Gloomy Tuesday

A few days ago, I don't remember exactly when or even where we were, J overheard a lady say something about her "girlfriend". I didn't hear the conversation, but after a few moments J asked me "Why do women call their friends who are girls 'girlfriends'? Guys don't call their guy friends 'boyfriends'." I didn't even really have to think about it. I replied with, "Girls use the term friend somewhat lightly most of the time. So when a girl says 'girlfriend' it normally means that she is a close friend."

Saturday night we went out for drinks with a few of J's friends (all guys and me, which it usually is). It was a normal evening, nothing special or different. J asked one of the guys if there were any girls that he was currently interested in because we had not heard him say much about girls in a while. There were none. I then sarcastically said, "Well that's ok 'cause girls are dumb". Then I realized that part of me meant it. I felt bad about what I had said and kept somewhat quiet after that.

All of that to say that lately I have been realizing that I really don't have any close girl friends. It's been years since I have been super close with any girls. I thought about it a bit more yesterday and realized that perhaps it has something to do with a few of my past female relationships. There were falling outs, and let downs, as there can be with any relationship, but I took things very personally. Really only two of my close "girlfriend" relationships did not end with conflict. In one of the relationships we drifted apart as we grew older and then moved away from one another, and the other resulted in a slight drifting apart and my friend passing away (tragic yes, but not as a result of a conflict between us).

I know that I distance myself from close female relationships, however I do long to have them. I also understand that part of my distancing is out of fear of being disliked, being gossiped about, being lied to and/or being hurt in the end. However, I do want to overcome that, I just feel like I don't know where to start.

Many of my friends, who are girls, are in very different places in their lives. I know that I can bond with women who are in different places in their lives, however, I sometimes feel a difficulty in connecting and sharing similar values. So, I have considered trying to meet women who share similar values and interests as me, but again, not too sure where to start.

I know that things will not be like they were when I was in school. People have so much going on in their lives now a days, what with work, family, hobbies, and other interests. I am not expecting to be spending time with a "girlfriend" every day, not even every week. I guess I just desire to have a girlfriend who I can call up every now and then and chat with, or go shopping with, or have coffee, or see a know, girl stuff.

Maybe it was just the weather yesterday that got me to thinking about all this. It WAS very dark and sad looking outside. Honestly though, I am happy with my life, and the way things are. Just feeling a little like I am missing out on a good close girlfriend or two, I suppose.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Blah, blah, blah day....

Have you ever had a day where you could not bring yourself to do much of anything? Have you ever dragged your feet and only completed task if absolutely necessary? Your desire to stay in bed, not get dressed, not shower, or even eat was so strong that you hardly moved...Now, I am not talking about those days when something tragic has happened and you feel down. No, I am talking about the days when life is good, but for some odd reason you just feel like curling up into a ball and staying tucked in your cozy bed forever.

Today that is me.

However, for some reason unbeknown to me, I am sitting here writing. Perhaps there is something inside of me, the want-to-be-writer, that is the only desire left in me today. Perhaps it is the fact I am attempting to prepare myself for the evening of work I will soon be leaving for (ugh, night shift). Whatever it may be, I am here and I am writing. There are thoughts in my head that are being typed into this blog. They are my words, and my thoughts. And even in the feeling of 'blah' today they are there, forming some amount of understanding and creating something for others to see, to read, to think upon.

On those blah-est of days, what is it that makes you still do something? A desire to care for your family, a longing to be famous, a wanting for something more, a passion to create?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I have a neighbor who I swear must hate everyone.

Since we live in an apartment style condo you often can hear when people come home, or leave. However, this girl is so loud every time she comes and goes that, I swear, the whole building knows specifically when she is home or not, no matter what time of day or night it may be.

Now, it's not just her stomping up and down the stairs that informs me when she is here, or the way she always slams every single door. Yes, both these things lead me to believe that she must have anger issues, however it is what I can hear her talking about, no, make that yelling about! And believe me, I am not trying to eavesdrop here, really it is just impossible NOT to hear her.

She came home just a few moments ago. I could hear her loud voice, talking extremely fast before she even got in the building. She was talking to someone (who I am assuming was her roommate) about someone, and how "...she was like telling me all about her family and like, I don't care. Like I care about her family...". Her poor roommate was trying to comment and give some input (at a reasonable volume) but could barely get in anything more then a "ya" or "oh, I know". After the voices and stomping seemed to have reached the top of the stairs, there was the standard slam of the door, and then silence.

I don't understand that one apartment...this is not the first "bad" neighbor that has lived there. However, I think it has something to do with the fact that that apartment is rented out, while the others are owned by the people residing in them. Either way, J and I will endure living here for a few more years, then hopefully will be off to England for a year or two, and then we will return to Canada and buy a home. A real home, with our own front door, back door, and a yard where we can have a little garden and have a dog! least that is the dream/plan for now!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Love and Marriage

Today I had a lovely surprise!

I have been considering for some time in buying some romance comics. Neat old fashioned ones from the 50s and 60s because I love the art work in them. When I was wedding planning I looked online at a few images here and there, to sorta get ideas for vintage things I could do for the wedding. In that search I found one particular cover that I really loved. J and I were at one point going to use it as a part of our wedding invite, but choose another option that worked better with our "theme". I still liked the comic image so much that I printed a few and hung them on our wall.

So today, after my lovely husband got home from work, he said "I have a surprise for you."
There was no special occasion and I was not expecting anything.
"Just open it"

So, I opened it. And inside was an old romance comic. I looked at it, and thought how sweet it was that he took the time to buy me one, even though the cover was not something I would have picked myself. Then I looked at the second comic, and it was the one that I had hung on our wall! I cried with so many tears of joy. I had to put them down and squeeze him tight.
"Thank you, thank you! You made me cry"
"I'm sorry"
"No. It's good. I love it!"

This is the first time that I think my husband has really been able to surprise me with something so special. I am normally pretty observant when he is up to something, but not this time. And, it was a lovely, lovely surprise!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Things are getting better every day!

Right now life is extra peachy. Not just for me and my life, but for others. And the fact that others lives are having positive effects, I just feel that the whole world is looking up!

I went to the University to see the end of Canadian Idol after a short training shift at work. They had 2 big screens set up and there were a good number of people there. Any time Theo came on the screen people would yell and scream, waving their signs in the air, making it almost impossible to hear what was being said on the show. Anyways, long story short, I showed up near the end really, so was able to miss most of the "...after this break stuff" and was able to see that Theo won! It felt nice to be there to see so many people cheering for him. Really showed that there are people that care about others who have talent and are following their dreams in our small city.

Another thing that made me happy to hear today was that Elizabeth May, the leader of the Green Party, will now be included in the upcoming televised debates! I was shocked when I first heard that she would not, as the Green Party received 4.5% of the votes in Canada in 2006. I understand that the Green Party had no seats, however 4.5% says something, does it not? I think that Canadians have a right to hear what she has to say during the debates. And so, I am glad that she will now be included in those debates!

Work is going great so far! People are really nice, and I am still doing lots of training, but things are going well and I think that I am picking up on things quickly. I am getting lots of shifts, many of which are nice and short, which is also always nice.

And of course working means making money, which is good for the finances! And when there is less worry about the finances, there is less stress and less stress means we are happier. And when J and I are happier, it means our relationship is doing a little better too (not that it was bad, hehe)!!!

As I have said things are good and it feels like the world is a good place!