Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Love and Marriage

Today I had a lovely surprise!

I have been considering for some time in buying some romance comics. Neat old fashioned ones from the 50s and 60s because I love the art work in them. When I was wedding planning I looked online at a few images here and there, to sorta get ideas for vintage things I could do for the wedding. In that search I found one particular cover that I really loved. J and I were at one point going to use it as a part of our wedding invite, but choose another option that worked better with our "theme". I still liked the comic image so much that I printed a few and hung them on our wall.

So today, after my lovely husband got home from work, he said "I have a surprise for you."
There was no special occasion and I was not expecting anything.
"Just open it"

So, I opened it. And inside was an old romance comic. I looked at it, and thought how sweet it was that he took the time to buy me one, even though the cover was not something I would have picked myself. Then I looked at the second comic, and it was the one that I had hung on our wall! I cried with so many tears of joy. I had to put them down and squeeze him tight.
"Thank you, thank you! You made me cry"
"I'm sorry"
"No. It's good. I love it!"

This is the first time that I think my husband has really been able to surprise me with something so special. I am normally pretty observant when he is up to something, but not this time. And, it was a lovely, lovely surprise!

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Kindra said...

Aww that's really sweet of him to surprise you like that :)