Monday, November 17, 2008

Going on a holiday!

So, after time paying off some debt, and finally being in a positive financial position again, J and I have booked an all inclusive trip to Cuba! We will be going in February, to get away from the cold, and to celebrate our 6 month anniversary. The trip will also act as a sort of honeymoon for us since we never got a "real" honeymoon.

Why Cuba? Well, the thought of going to an all-inclusive beach side resort has its obvious appeal. However, both J and I like culture and new experiences, and places with some sort of history. So, Cuba seemed an obvious choice for us.

Our resort is outside of Veradero. We have considered taking a day trip to Havana while we are there.

I can't wait!!!

J and I have never taken a major trip together, which is a sort of funny thing because we both love traveling. It will most certainly be an experience navigating through airports and being seated together on a small plane for 5 hours together. I guess this will be a good "test" for how we will be if we end up going to England on a working-holiday next year (2010).

Christmas must come soon! Once Christmas is over I will begin my countdown for our trip!

Side note:
I wish I was going to see Lady GaGa tonight...oh well, at least I am grooving to her music in the comfort of my own home. Nothing wrong with that! hehe

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